Iran and Iraq “natural allies”

Really? Well.. apparently Al-Sadr and the governing Shia coalition in Iraq think so.

If neighboring Islamic countries, including Iran, become the target of attacks, we will support them,” al-Sadr was quoted as saying. ”The Mahdi Army is beyond the Iraqi army. It was established to defend Islam.”

But no worries for the Bush Administration right? Sadr is just a small fry in Iraq politics anyway.

Well, no, that is no longer the case, as I have said before. And it has since been confirmed as Al-Sadrs parties garnered the second largest number of seats after the main Shiite party in the Shiite coalition.

Steve Gillard continues:

In the span of a week, Iraq’s Foreign Minister and one of the most influential religious leaders in Iraq have met with Iranian officials and expressed solidarity and support. Indeed, after meeting with al Sadr, the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Larijani, called Iran and Iraq “natural allies.”

This from a country who suffered terribly from the Iran-Iraq war.

Still keen on “taking out” that Iranian nuclear program?

If you are.. hope you’re prepared for the consequences in Iraq.

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