How-to: Creating my own selfhosted Mastodon Server with Debian on an old iMac

Doing it my way. As I mentioned in a previous post, the rise of the decentralized social media network of users and servers known as Mastodon has been quite amazing. Since Mastodon is at its core, wait.. that it does not have a core, it is a decentralized system, then it only seemed natural for …

Saving CO2 on a Cross Country EV Journey

Dear reader, if you’re here you’re already interested in electric vehicles (EVs). Perhaps you already own one, or perhaps you’re just curious, but like so many of us you’re trying to figure out if they and the infrastructure they need are actually ready for anyone to use and take over from the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle that has dominated for nearly 100 years. I’m wondering the same thing. This summer I went on a cross-Canada journey with my family, in part, to find out.