(Sent July 2, 2024 to the Alberni Valley News)

Dear Editor,

I was gratified to see this morning an empty spot where the lying LNG lobby group “Canada Action” had their billboard near Coombs Country Candy. Their billboard messages about LNG “reducing” greenhouse gases were blatant lies. Apparently the leaked Competition Bureau report exposing this was enough for the shadow-funded group to remove their signs and their website where they spread even more untruths.

Canada’s reluctance to transition has already cost us billions in future opportunities as other countries electrify their societies and shift their economies quickly to renewables. We should be leaders, but instead we allow liars to try to convince us that a doomed and damaging industry can continue.

Tobacco companies used to tell us cigarettes were good for you. All tobacco advertising is now banned. Canada must ban fossil fuel advertisements and put programs in place to shift the workers in Canada’s fossil fuel industry to renewable energy and other industries immediately so the complete transition and wind down of extraction of fossil fuels can happen. It’s the only way we will save ourselves from pain and suffering and ensure the prosperity we all expect and deserve.

Chris Alemany


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