Last minute polling — Shows Conservative retraction?

Saw this on MyBlahg this morning… even though it’s election day and the only poll that matters is in progress right now.. it’s still worth showing the results of the CPAC/SES final nightly poll for last night, the 22nd, because the change is significant.

Con: 33%
Lib: 31%
NDP: 23%
BQ: 9%
Green: 4%

This compares to 38 and 37% support for the Cons on the 20th and 21st.
The NDP polled 13 and 16% on the 20th and 21st.

All of their polls have a margin of error of 5.3%.

The 3 day rolling average still maintains a healthy Con lead of course… but it just shows the volatility of peoples minds and polling!

I definitely stand by my predictions from last night. We have a serious horse race on our hands, and the NDP might be the biggest winner of all… yowza, can’t wait until 7PM PST!

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