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Keep checking this spot for the latest as I see them… obviously.. along with you, on TV. I’ll be focusing of course on my own province and riding but those who know my blog know that I’ll have plenty to say about pretty much anything as it might affect the nation.

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7PM: Conservatives have a lead no majority yet… NDP has a huge gain in popular vote so far… as was indicated by the last Jan 23rd poll.

7:08PM PST: The CBC is the last to call it… the Conservative Party of Canada will governing Canada in a minority government.

Now we wait to see what the coalition will look like. Who will have the balance of power?

Welcome back Brian Mulroney! Not 30 seconds after I see the Conservatives called… do I see Brian Mulroney being interviewed, from his place in West Palm Beach, FL. Yikes!

7:16PM : The Green Party registers a lead for the first time ever in Canadian election. In the Prince George riding.

7:30PM : Looks like my predictions from yesterday are holding up pretty well. I’ll be the first to say I’m surprised. We’ll see what happens by the end of the night.

7:38PM : The NDP is leading in Van Isle North and Nanaimo-Cowichan so far… no indication yet from my riding

7:52PM : Finally some results from my riding… Conservative candidate is leading by 100 votes.

8:00PM : Looks like James Lunney will take Nanaimo-Alberni, my riding, for the Conservatives. bummer.

8:08PM : Looks like Anne McLellan is booted out of Edmonton, leaving Alberta a Conservative sweep.

8:14PM : Quote of the night so far goes to an analyst on Global (Ezra Levant):

In responding to the notion that this might be a mainly “rural” Conservative government because of the Liberal strength in Toronto.

“The Conservatives have swept major urban centres… Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon… I don’t know about anywhere else but I think Vancouver…”

Yes, those are major centres… they were also *already* Conservative strongholds… and Vancouver is most definitely not a Conservative sweep

8:33PM : I have to say.. the Global coverage is horrendous. I feel like I’m watching Fox News. The dialogue is nasty between the “representatives” of each party, and Ezra Levant is talking “Western Seperation” if some outlandish thing like a Liberal-NDP coalition happens. That would be something that hasn’t happened since the 20s. Lets not get ahead of ourselves.

History Lesson

The King-Byng affair.

This was a constitutional crisis that gripped Canada in 1925/26. Mckenzie King called an election… during the election, the Conservatives won a minority, but McKenzie King didn’t renounce his Prime Ministership.. instead he formed a coalition with the “Progressive Party” and formed government which was then beset with corruption with the Liberal Party.

I don’t think we’ll see Paul Martin try to do the same thing… nor do I think Jack Layton would be stupid enough to tie his fate to the sinking Liberal ship.

9:14PM : Liberal Leader Paul Martin announces he will stand down “in the coming days” as Party Leader but will continue as MP.

My bet for new leader:

Belinda Stronach… I would vote for her. (if she was in my riding)

9:52PM : Well it’s pretty much all said and done the final results are going to be around:

Conservatives: 125
Liberal: 104
Bloc Quebecois: 50
NDP: 28
Independent: 1

So I wasn’t too far off on my prediction. 😉

There is some reaction from International News sites.

The BBC has good coverage including a wide selection of bloggers.

CNN has an article on their frontpage

Last Update

Ezra Levant is a nutcase. What is up with that guy? He wonders why the Conservatives didn’t win a seat inside the Toronto or Vancouver city limits? Maybe he should take a look in the mirror!

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