(Letter sent May 29, 2024 to Alberni Valley News published June 4, 2024)

Dear Editor,


This aquatic centre debate has dragged through at least 5 terms of Council and Regional Directors spanning nearly two decades. An entire generation and more of young people, my own children included, have had to use a facility that has (thanks to City workers) been patched up while it literally crumbles and the cost to replace it has multiplied. The reports and studies have piled up as ACRD Directors and City Councillors have bickered. That is the bigger issue that holds us back so often.

Not only should we have a referendum on the facility the public picked as soon as possible, but we should also have a referendum on uniting as one. Beaver Creek, Cherry Creek, Sproat Lake, Beaufort, and Port Alberni with one Mayor and Council should unite so this ridiculous passing the buck back and forth and duplication between governments that has cost us millions and too many grey hairs, can end. 

Echo Centre marked the amalgamation of Alberni and Port Alberni. The people of the Valley are already united with one name on their mailing addresses. Let the new Aquatic Centre be the end of the bickering and mark the unification into one City of Port Alberni working for all.

Chris Alemany

Resident of Port Alberni born a Beaver Creeker.

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