UN Condemns Hezbollah

After clashes with Israeli forces earlier in the week, members of the UNSC came under pressure to condemn the attacks.

Since the pullout of Syrian forces from Lebanon, and the subsequent UNSC resolutions for Lebanon to gain complete control over its’ entire Territory, the situation has changed dramatically for Hezbollah.

Now, instead of Lebanon and Hezbollah bein treated simply as mouthpieces for their Syrian masters, a new expectation has arisen. One of Lebanon autonomy.

So, after intense pressure from the US (and likely UK) delegation at the UN, the UNSC pronounced Hezbollahs’ attacks as “acts of hatred” and expressed its’ “deep concern”. This is far more criticism than Hezbollah is used to, and while I’m not one to give the Israelis any breaks, I am happy to call a spade a spade.

If criticism is not doled out in equal quantities when violence strikes then there will never be hope for an end to that violence. Too often, the UN is set in supporting one side or another, when in fact its’ mandate is to be a neutral, unbiased referee… if only that were the case…

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