Policy Position: On Peak Oil

A question for the Leaders of our Political Partys (this includes the Greens once the election gets rolling)

Over the past year, the imminent decline of global oil resources, or “peak oil” as it is commonly known, has come to the forefront of public discourse. This inevitable occurence is only 2 or 3 electoral “terms” away. We have seen the worry about Natural Gas supplies not meeting demand in the UK and in North America starting this year… What is your position on the Peak Oil phenomenon? How will you prepare Canada and Canadians for a future where the oil economy may not be as cheap and easy as it has been since the start of the Industrial Age?

This is a question that must be asked. Canada is privileged in almost every way. We are blessed with massive oil resources, massive Natural Gas reserves, and more fresh water than any other country in the world.

But with this privilege comes responsibility. As we hold a significant amount of the Worlds resources we must show good stewardship. We must lead by example. I can think of no better thing for Canada than to start a program of lessening our consumption of these precious resources, and as Peak Oil nears, and the inevitalbe shock to the economy that it will have draws closer, Canada must be prepared. We can not afford to be complacent.

Are our political leaders thinking about this? Or are they simply living the dream… this is something we must thrust upon them so that we can be sure they are thinking about more than just the next 5 years.

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