“Real” links to Organized Crime

Stephen Harper made a predictable ass out of himself yesterday when, in the House of Commons, he accused the Liberals of having links to organized crime.

These allegations are of course untrue… or at the very least unproveable, and have no place in the daily discourse of the House. (And yes, the Liberals are right to threaten to sue Conservative MPs who brought up the issue outside the House in the media scrums with libel.)

All that said, I did a quick Google search on “Brian Mulroney link organized crime”.

What can I say… I’m honest in my counter-punching.

The result, well, there were a lot… take that from that what you may. 😉
But this was the top hit… The FreeRepublic.com

Canadian police have identified Clinton donor and Macao gambling tycoon Stanley Ho as the leader of a triad gang of organized criminals with strong ties to Communist China.

[But that’s not all…]

The Vancouver Province reported that senior Canadian politicians – including former prime minister Brian Mulroney and members of current Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s Cabinet – have “feted and wooed” Ho, and that “despite the listing 10 years ago, Ho has unfettered access to Canada and its top politicians and is a major contributor to political parties in Canada.” The RCMP roster, first issued in 1990, remains current, according to the report.

Setting aside the fact that theFreeRepublic.com seems to think Vancouver is the Capital of British Columbia… the message here is clear.

If Stephen Harper is looking for links to organized crime, he need not focus solely on one party or politician. There are plenty of smears to throw around, including, likely in his own caucus.

7 replies on ““Real” links to Organized Crime”

  1. Look away, no ties here:

    Who’s the bigger arse there Murkster? Martin for pretending that none of the Liberal Party leaders were engaged in organized criminal activity? Or Harper for daring to utter it before a biased media pool.

    Italian Mobsters may be the stereotype that you are looking for, (and Gagliano may fit that bill), but crime, as a planned and executed conspiracy to defraud Canadian taxpayers to the ultimate benefit of the Liberal Party, was the proven game.

    The finance minister has no knowledge of a theft of finances while all his associated Quebec finance ministers distribute the wealth in paper envelopes around his home province? Whatfuckingever, there dude.

    As far as your equivocation goes, Mulroney aint looking to get reelected, just the Liberal team Martin. Lie down with Ho or whores there Murky man and expect to get f*cked. Mulroney was voted out for his scandal and Martin should be too.

    Canada is going for another “date” with these expensive whore.

  2. The names Chris there Mr. Anonymous.

    Do you have proof that any Liberal (or any other current politician from any other party for that matter) is currently or has been engaged in organized criminal activity?

    What’s that? No?

    Then take your baseless mudslinging elsewhere… and maybe come back with a policy that people can vote for.

  3. How I hate repeating myself but it seems that the left has no comprehension o0f the english language. The “Liberals” are an “Organization” and they as a group commited a “Crime”. Therefore it is “organized crime”! No different than what the more well known crime organizations do. Is that straight forward enough for you?

    Good luck to the NDP in the upcoming election.

  4. Tim. WHat the heck are you talking about?

    You know full well that that was not the implication of Stephen Harpers words.

    If the Liberals had used those words against Harper the reaction would have been the same for exactly the same reason as the Liberals. Because it’s utterly false.

    Like I said before.. the only reason the Conservatives are playing these word games is because they don’t have a leg to stand on policy wise.

    They’re doomed and their leader is absolutely clueless.

  5. Parsing words is not the way to demand honest and uncorrupted government, fellas. Focus on the real problem, not defending those who are guilty of dishonesty, graft and bribery no matter what their party initials are. You get the behavior you reward so punish the guilty, vote ’em out.

    Now excuse me while I fight corruption in my own country and the UN as well. 🙂

  6. If I thought any of the people I would vote in would be any different, that might be a plausible alternative. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of our “choices” would act any differently.

    So.. I would rather focus on policy, and focus on making sure those who *are* criminally responsible are dealt with under the full power of the law. Martin and most of the Liberal party were *not* found responsible in any way. I can’t do much but accept that outcome.

  7. Well, I can only say that you often get what you expect. If you expect corruption in high places, you will surely get it. Voter complacency is the enemy of honest government and it is the friend of the elite who are balatent in their comtempt for the common people.

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