Martin gets help from unlikely places

So it’s basically a done deal. Canada is headed for its’ 2nd Federal election in less than 2 years.

As such, the political fur is flying, and there are already wild and wully happenings going on.

First… it must have been a cold day in [Washington] because the United States decided to decrease the Softwood Lumber tariffs. They will be a fraction of their former selves, from 18.8% to 0.8%.

Granted, this is not a definite resolution to the trade dispute. But if Paul Martin wanted something on the International stage to point to and say. “Look, I got this done… for Canada. I stand up for Canadians.” The Americans just handed him a very juicy morsel.

Second… Ralph Klein. Illustrious [drunk] leader of Alberta. Leader of the Conservatives in Alberta and head Stupid-White-Guy. What does he say a yesterday of Federal Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper?

“bright, articulate individual, perhaps he’s seen as too much on the right.”

Deputy Conservative Leader Peter McKay takes the cake for best pre-election jab:

“He said he was going to be helpful. This is not helpful,” federal Conservative deputy leader Peter MacKay said.

Asked how internal disputes and too-candid remarks from people like Klein should be handled, MacKay said, “Well, duct tape.”

And there you have it, if there was any doubt we were in Canada, and on the eve of an election, there shouldn’t be any now.

The Liberals are going to have a head start. For once, Ralphy and I agree on something, I just don’t think Harper is right for Canada, hopefully this is the last time we’ll have to endure his anti-folksyness through an election campaign.

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