Kim Jong Il: “no reason to possess a single nuclear weapon”

The CBC is reporting some very interesting and encouraging news coming out of North Korea.

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Just days after the United States said North Korea will give up it’s Nuclear arsenal One way or another, today we hear that Kim Jong Il has said the following to a South Korean Minister,

if the regime’s security is guaranteed, there is no reason to possess a single nuclear weapon.

Now even though this is coming from the mouth of a confirmed lunatic, I’d have to say that this appears like an opening to ridding the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons (that’s assuming the South Koreans don’t have nukes of their own).

Kim Jong Il apparently told this to South Korean Unification Minister Chung Dong-young during a rare face-to-face meeting with the “Dear Leader”.

Now the question becomes… what “guarantees” does Kim want and will the United States be prepared to accept them?

This appears to me like a major opportunity to diffuse one of the most troublesome situations in the world.

This news also comes on a day when the Raytheon Corporation announced its’ intentions to install an X-Band Radar station at Goose Bay in Labrador. Raytheon is a primary contractor to build components for the US Missile Defense shield… a system which Canada has officially said they will not support, and which Canadians have overwhelming said they don’t want any part of. The Defense Minister is quote as saying, From what I’ve heard about this radar, it’s not just a ballistic missile defence radar, this is a radar that would increase the coverage of the North Atlantic.

That’s nice Mr. Graham, but didn’t we say we would have no part in the Missile Defense initiative?

With todays news out of the Koreas, things may change… if Kim Jonh Il renounced his weapons program and disarmed… why would there need to be a Missile Defense Shield that no one wants to even risk testing anyway?

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  1. Well, that would be because the real reason for the missile defence shield is to maintain nuclear dominance over China, not to protect the US from the North Koreans.

    But if the North Koreans disarm (assuming their claims to have nukes are true), then the US will have to either admit what BMD is all about or find a new excuse.

    I’m increasingly coming to the view that the current administration wants a North Korean nuclear bogeyman.

  2. Skippy has it. Without North Korea, BMD has no bogey man, since Iran is too far away.

    Ah the duality of existence!

    But lets not this detract from the war drums for Iran. Lest forget that not only are they trying to nuclear, they are harbouring Osama bin Laden (speaking of boogey men the Bush regime needs to keep around). Time to whip the US into a frenzy again.

  3. Snide, sarcastic and condescending – but seriously folks, do you WANT China to be the most powerful country on the planet? If so, you will reap your reward in due time.

  4. What will the Missile Defense “Shield” do to stop China from becoming the most powerful country on the planet…

    and why should we worry if China is the most powerful country… if, and this is a big IF, we can ensure that the liberalisation of their economy continues to lead to liberalisation of it’s government.

  5. Ok Chris, we’ll deal with the Chinese since you have no imagination, it appears, when it comes to repressive and inhumane regimes and how dangerous they can be if very powerful. God, you seem almost illiterate. Just keep your head in the sand and don’t worry about a thing and just keep counting on those great big IFs.

  6. Would you have recommended your list of ifs when keeping the USSR at bay all those years? No, somebody had to keep them in check. Your welcome.

  7. I guess you got me going. How come you don’t worry about China as the most powerful country in the world but the evil Americans are “frightening” you and most likely keeping you awake nights. I guess the thought of a China super-power will give Canucks the inspiration for sweet benign bedtime stories for the kids, while the US is the bogeyman to scare them on Holloween.

    Do you know how ignorant your fairy tale of a benign China sounds? Get a clue.


    When you have time, please read this article linked above. It’s got a lot to say about how the Chinese value human life as well as some other God-awful statistics on demicide. And it didn’t end all that long ago, my friends. Yeah, the US is evil and if so, what are these countries? Good?

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