Voting in Iran extended… MSM outlets muzzled?

The BBC is reporting that voting was extended 3 times in Iran, and has finally ended at 2300 local time.

But, beware of what you might be reading out of the MSM outlets… according to A Daily Briefing on Iran, the MSM may not be allowed to tell you the whole story.

Opposition leaders claim that each journalist is required to have a government minder present with them. They also report that these journalists do not have the freedom to visit anywhere they choose. So the international media is reporting from government designated polling places.

The extensions may indicate that the government is nervous about low turnout. Indeed, reports from Iranian bloggers indicate that polling stations were pretty quiet in Tehran.

I visited a few poll stations in Western and Northern Tehran too. Those in the north were very quiet. In fact, I waited outside one of them around Tajrish sq for almost an hour but no one turned up to vote. Not a soul! I hat saw a few people in some others as I was passing by. However, there was a line outside a mosque in Western part of the city (in Sattar Khan street). This was around 2pm.

More posts as the results come in.


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