The Iranian Elections

Presidential Elections in Iran are ongoing.

According to Radio Reports by the CBC, there may have been a last minute switch by those demonstrators looking to boycott the election to instead back a Reformist Candidate, Mostafa Moin, who has recently hardened his anti-establishment line.

Both CBC Radio, and the BBC are tipping Ex-President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani as the ultimate winner.

The BBC has a good article dedicated to introducing the candidates and structure of the Iranian elections.

I notice also that A Daily Breifing on Iran hasn’t updated since early Friday morning. Keep an eye on that webpage as well for updates as results come in.

There are over 47 million people eligible to vote in Iran. The big question is whether those citizens will boycott. If they do, and turnout is below 30%, then we could see serious demonstrations and accusations of an invalid result. If voters decide to vote (all voters are forced to vote, even though they can spoil their ballot) then we will see if they go for another reformist who might be, again, crippled by the Autocratic regime, or a more conservative figure like Rafsanjani that will likely tow the line of the Mullahs.

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