Iranian Students report on Election turnout

Free Rebublic has a transcript of reports from Iranian students in Iran and around the world.

Reza from Tehran: This is 10 am in northern part of Tehran. There is no body in the site and I hope officials would announce the number of voters truly.

Hasan from Qom: IRIB (TV & RADIO) is just showing certain places where people go to vote. Most polls are empty here in our city.

Amir from Kashmar (east of Iran): No body is around, especially in the morning.

Sam from Tehran: I did vote to save my country from likes of Rafsanjani. I voted for Mr. Moin

Mehdi from Shiraz: I have counted 10-12 people in this poll in our area. Most of them were forced to vote.

Majid from Tehran: I voted for Imam Zaman to come and save us from the regime.

Fardin from Switzerland: Regime thugs attacked those of us who were protesting against the regime in front of one of the polling stations.

Mohsen from Moscow: Here, only embassy staff will vote.

Ehsan from Mashad: There aren’t many people voting today. Most polls are empty

Farzad from West of Tehran: No body is at polls now in Shahrake Gharb. We voted once and we saw the outcome. That was enough

Razaghpour from Central Tehran: Most people here are voting for Moin

Ali from Velenjak north of Tehran: I check the local poll 3-4 times today and there were no body at the polls. This is not a true election.

Mohamed from Tehran: IRIB is doing its best to get people out of their houses. The regime media cast lots of great music which were once banned to encourage people to vote.

Hadi from Esfehan: Poll stations are not crowded here. All of us know this is regime’s game.

Shida from Tehran: I just voted to have an official seal in my ID card. I needed that.

Artin a christian guy from Orumiya: The regime had to shut some polling stations down due to lack of people to vote.

Predictably, they report that turnout is very low… and that they voted for reformists. We can only wait to see what the Regime announces as results.

Major media centres are still reporting a tight race between the ex-president and Moin… with a run-off coming on the 24th.

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