Surprising results from Iran

The first results are in from Iran and there have been a number of surprises according to the BBC and Iranian bloggers.

(Audio Podcast Available)

There are also conflicting reports as to the final outcome… which makes it quite suspicious. After hearing yesterday that there didn’t seem to be many people going to the polls, now the Iranian government has released a turnout figure of 63% (over 30 million).

We’ll see if that figure is challenged on the street or not…

The other rather surprising result seems to be the two contestants in the runoff. The BBC is reporting that it will be between the ex-President Rafsanjani and former Tehran mayor, and hardline conservative, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

However, the Iran Votes 2005 weblog is reporting the runoff like this 1-Rafsanjani 2- Karoubi 3- Ahmadi Nejad.

(Ahmadi Nejad and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are the same person.)

Can there be 3 people in the runoff? Is Karoubi or Nejad the 2nd person? Did Iranian students perhaps boycott the election, but lost the support of the rest of the electorate and failed to get a reformist in the running?

What of the early reports that Moin was to be in the runoff?

Many questions remain for this election. No doubt we will hear more throughout this week until the runoff on Friday the 24th.

Stay tuned.

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