In Response to Alberni Valley News: “City of Port Alberni prioritizes funding for pair of deadly intersections

Dear Editor,

In 2015/2016 when I was on the City Council that helped create the bike lanes, they were intended to only be a first step. Both the Active Transportation Plan and the Food Security and Climate Disruption Committee reports, which had wide community participation and support, recommend the City implement infrastructure to protect all road users, cyclists, pedestrians, wheeled users, and drivers alike from costly accident, injuries or death. They would also make our City more welcoming, beautiful, and cost-effective! The dangers posed by our extremely wide, wasteful, and expensive roadways are well known.

In the decade since, we have lost multiple residents of all ages, pedestrians and cyclists, on our roads including the tragic losses of children on their bikes at 10th and Redford and Dunbar. What has City Council done? Where is the sense of responsibility? We’re going to spend $400,000 to slightly narrow the crossing at Dunbar which does nothing to address the cause of the child’s death. Were the parents consulted? We could spend $0 by simply placing a cement barrier and closing it off, which was the original recommendation. I am at a loss as to why this recommendation was now ignored.

If decision makers are more worried about an added 30 seconds at an intersection rather than saving lives, and also money, then I deeply question the priorities of this Council and City.


Chris Alemany

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