Good morning everyone! City Council meeting tonight. I’ll be live blogging it again, but it should also be on Shaw. Bulldogs and Canal Beach will again be the hot topics.

Here is a photo I took yesterday and it made me wonder, what can we do to make our little City more beautiful without breaking the bank? Suggestions always welcome. 20140526-074400-27840786.jpg

Should there be more medians down city streets with shrubs and bushes like these Rhodos? Or is it fine the way it is?

A very kind friend delivered to me a huge binder that has every City report and publication for the past few years.

Ok, so I’m not sure how kind it was, but Chris definitely has some reading to do! :). 20140526-075335-28415360.jpgI’ve actually read most of a great many of the reports the City has created over that time already simply because I’m a numbers and facts kind of guy, but it will be nice to see the ones I’ve missed and be fully refreshed and informed.

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