What price are you willing to pay… for Oil and Gas?

That’s the question you, as a consumer, and as a citizen of a resource rich country like Canada should be asking yourself.


Because others have designs on resources to continue Business As Usual, regardless of the cost.

The Council on Foreign Relations released a report on the Oil Sands last week named Canadian Oil Sands: Energy Security vs. Climate Change (free download PDF). CTV picked up on it here. CTVs take on it is troubling in both its simplistic and ignorant position, but that’s beside the point of this post.

The point here is the price, and availability of energy, and what others are willing to do to keep on chugging along with business as usual. We see lots of examples of this inability and unwillingness to adapt and see our own foibles. Todays $50 Billion bailout of GM is a prime example.

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