Peak Oil worries from the past…


An interesting bit of perspective I stumbled upon tonight… from 1976, this is from the Hansard for a debate during the 31st session of Parliament at the BC Legislature in Victoria.

MR. WALLACE: Mr. Speaker, the issue is unquestionably complex. I think there are few subjects on which the public are more confused when we think back to the literal panic that occurred soon after the OPEC action and people were lining up at the gas pumps at 5 o’clock in the morning on the pretext that there would be a great, sudden shortage of supply. They are also confused that within two or three years the so-called experts in Canada can turn around…. In one voice they were telling us that there were enough reserves till the year 2010, and now we’re going to be out of them in 1980.

1 could go on and on reciting the recorded facts and figures which are causing the public to be confused, but I must say this: the Premier’s statement today does nothing to clarify some of the contradictions which are certainly existing in the minds of the citizens of this province and in the minds of many of the people who have to write the legislation.