Peak Oil Presentation to City Council

Well.. after almost two years since the last time I considered doing this… on June 9, 2008, I’m planning on presenting to Port Alberni City Council on Peak Oil.

This comes on the heels of last nights Council meeting where the Cities’ Climate Change Committee, of which I am a member, presented their report. It was well received, but what really floored me was the Peak Oil awareness, and concern shown quite unexpectedly from one of our Councillors. His comments spurred me to go through with the presentation right now.

My presentation focuses on a recommendation for Council to endorse becoming a Transition Town. Transition Towns were born in the UK as a grassroots initiative by citizens to propel their respective towns to address the twin challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil by participating in community wide educational, informational and transitional events, and completing “Energy Descent Action Plans (click for one towns Plan)” for their City to follow.

I’ll be presenting a slideshow to Port Alberni City Council. You can see it below. I will also be giving them this Transition Town Primer to peruse and get to know the initiative.

I think the time is now.. oil supply fears have finally come to a head, and I think we’re on a tipping point.

And so.. I will be presenting this to Council on June 9th. Please do leave any comments you might have.
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