Mission Accomplished in Iraq — No Really

So George Bush visited the Iraqi Prime Minister today. In Baghdad.

That’s right. The President of the United States went to Baghdad, Iraq. Imagine the reception!?

Iraqis lined the streets… little flags waved enthusiastically by every man, woman and child for miles around. Yes folks. The Leader of the liberators… those bringers of freedom and justice… purveyor of hope and dreams… champion of good… fighter of evil.

(can you hear the trumpets blaring?)


Oh wait.. sorry… In reality, George Bush was “supposed” to be going to Camp David.

No one except Condi and Dick knew he was headed to Baghdad.

The Iraqi Prime Minister himself only found out 5 minutes before good ‘ol Dubya walked in the door.

Air Force One had to take “standard” emergency maneuvers when landing, and leaving (under cover of night).

Do we need to hear any more rhetoric?
Do we need to listen to any more speeches?

No… actions always speak louder than words.

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