Is Israel setting the stage for strike on Iranian Nukes?

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So, Israel is bombing the bejeebus out of Lebanon. The word “Proportionality” obviously isn’t in their vocabulary. Yes, Hamas and Hezbollah knew what they were doing, they likely knew the response they would get. So the question is why? Why are Hzb/Hamas egging on Israel, and why is Israel so touchy?

My take is this… Israel is being played like a fiddle.

Iran/Syria are using their proxys to come out as the victim (which they generally are anyway, but it never hurts to emphasize the point). This is Irans response to the nuclear enrichment deal… they say no, and they know they’re going to use Israels paranoia to get what they want.

Israel is simply spoiling for a fight. They would like nothing more than to bomb Syrian and Iranian targets… the BBC is reporting that Israel may have already officially given 72 hour notice to Syria to stop Hzb or face bombing. I doubt they’ll give Iran the privilege of advance notice.

What will stop this? Who knows now that Israel has been unleashed… but likely Iran will come out having saved face by having Israel bombs it’s facilities through unilateral action. Ahminedijad will be “forced” to take the nuclear deal from the UNSC… saving face with his citizens… yet at the same time, the UN will give them more concessions. Israel will feel better, having blown it’s *&^ and “reversed” Irans nuclear progress by a decade or more (which is actually no different from where they are now). And the Palestinians will continue to be stuck with nothing, used by all governments including their own…

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