Good News! Iraq Parliament reverses constitution decision

Good news today from Iraq… the BBC reports that Iraqi Parliament has reversed its’ decision to change the rules governing the constitutional referendum.

After being condemned by both the UN and US, they have realised they are doing more harm than good.

So now… when Iraqis vote… it will be those votes that matter, rather than simply the fact that they have been registered to vote.

Now we just need to convince *all* Iraqis that it is worth their time to vote.

2 replies on “Good News! Iraq Parliament reverses constitution decision”

  1. See, I knew you over-reacted and I must admit I was more or less just giving you a hard time in the earlier post as best I could and only served to make myself look silly in the process. Mea culpa. Hmmm. Wasn’t the first time I’ve been silly. Prolly won’t be the last. 🙂

  2. Ya, I was in a bad mood too.. so that didn’t help. I am glad that they have reversed their decision, I still unfortunately don’t think the referendum itself will do much to help Iraqis’ day-to-day life.. but I guess progress of some sort is better than nothing.

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