Irans President Announced

The blog “Iran Votes 2005” says it all.

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Mission accomplished: Hezbollah has won with the help of the hidden hand of Allah!

As anticipated Ahmadinejad is now officially announced as the Islamic Republic’s new president. Mission accomplished! Congratulations to those who voted for him! They must be delighted that their favourite cadidate was their Leader’s favourite too. Ahmadinejad is the first appointed president of the Islamic Republic. And perhaps the last one? Who knows?!

Check out the Election not-so-Comic here.

Regime Change Iran reports on other reports first from a Farsi language site:

The site Peiknet received on June 18 an anonymous letter from a 27-year-old Basiji who declared that he voted 11 times, with 8 fake Identity cards, because the supreme Leader wanted him to do so. It is an order of war, it changes the field of battle, the leader says. It is called Operation Nasr, he said in the letter, “islam is in danger and it is necessary to save it by any means” ! Let us forget it, I can do nothing …

And finally,

[Ahmadinejad is] the ultimate Islamofascist

Neither Rafsanjani nor Ahmadinejad has any intention of altering the basic structure of the Islamic Republic

This is not a fight over the future of the country; it’s a power struggle within the tyrannical elite.

There have been no reports of any protests. It seems Iranians have, for now, chosen to lay low. No doubt they know best and have chosen wisely for the time being.

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