Iranians vote amid planning of “Legal Coup”?

Iranians are, just now, finishing voting in the 2nd round of the 2005 Iranian Presidential Elections.

(Audio Podcast Available)

The Election has already been troubled by accusations of misreported turnout numbers, violent protests in overseas voting places, and an unprecedented run-off caused by two candidates doing surprisingly well. Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad have taken the role of Reformist and Hard-Liner respectively, even though Rafsanjani has a controversial and conservative past.

However, the really riveting and potentially explosive news is coming out of the Iran Votes 2005 weblog.

Windsteed reports:

In the midnight of Saturday (June, 28) an order was received by the Ministry of Interior from the Office of the Supreme leader, which requested that the result of the election be released as (1-Rafsanjani, 2-Ahmadinejad).


The first official results announced by the Ministry of Interior placed Karoubi [A Reformist] on top, ahead of Rafsanjani and Ghalibaf.

As the discrepancy emerged, the same person called the Ministry again, this time using a threatening language, to deliever the message that if the Minister would not give in to the order, dangerous consequences would face Iranian nation, and the families of the Minister and even the President [Khatami].

A ‘legal coup’ is underway.

Rafsanjani is well aware of this course of events and is trying to prevent the coup to happen. But he is also aware that he himself is not safe.

We can only hope for the best. More as news of the results, and reaction, appears.

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