Missile Duck and Cover on Grand Banks

This goes into the “were they actually thinking?” category of stupid things.

Apparently the US was set to launch a Titan IV rocket from Cape Canaveral today. It’s not clear what the missile’s purpose was, but, as with any orbital launch vehicle it creates debris after launch. Either in the form of small flecks of insulation… to giant 10 tonne “strap on” rocket fuel boosters.

The “debris field” for this particular launch apparently includes the massive (and lucrative) Hibernia and Terra Nova oil platforms off the East Coast of Canada.

As a precaution around 500 people working at these installations were evacuated…. causing obvious consternation on the part of the main beneficiaries of these platforms, the Provincial and Federal Governments.

Hmmm… 10 ton burning hot rocket fuel booster landing on top of oil rig… prolly not good thing me thinks!

The US has agreed to cancel the missile launch “indefinitely”.

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