Iraqs new President

Iraq has a new President today. He is a Kurd named Jalal Talabani and he has been a prominent figure in Kurdish and Iraqi politics for many many years.

I’m obviously not Iraqi, so I will defer to others who know the his story better than I do.

First, Kurdo’s World has an excellent post featuring a history of Talabani in Photos.

Definitely worth checking out.

Omar at Iraq the Model has an encouraging write-up on Talabani.

This new formation of presidency in Iraq will certainly strengthen the unity of this nation and it prove again that Iraq is a home for all Iraqis; not only the Arabs, not only the She’at or any other single race or sect.
I would be just as happy if the president was Turkmen or Assyrian or from any other segment of the wide social spectrum of Iraq.
It doesn’t matter where you come from or what your religion is, if you’re good and if the people think you’re good, then you can reach the position you deserve.
This is the new Iraq and this is how it’s going to be from now on, whether the terror-tyranny alliance likes it or not.

We can only hope that the majority of Iraqis feel the same way!


Iraq also named it’s new Prime Minister

His name is Ibrahim Jaafari and he is Shia.

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