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Yesterday, Theresa and I had a revelation.

Out of curiousity I went to and checked out the asking price for a unit in the same townhouse/complex as ours.

It was listed at 195,000 with no renovations. We bought ours, exactly 1 year ago… for 141,000… and we’ve done major upgrades as most of you know.

So, this has kickstarted some serious happening. First, we’re going to sell the FIAT… if you know anyone who might be interested, let me know.

Here is part of an email I sent my mom:


ya, I hear ya. She’s (the car that is) going up for sale today… and if we can confirm that the 2nd unit for sale in the complex is going for the same… then I think we’ll have our place up by the end of the week.

Our debt is in the form of car loan and line of credit. I cleared out my credit card and consolidated some debt into the line of credit. A lot easier to pay off that way but… it’s still there and it hurts us alot! It was just bad timing really…

That said, even without the debt, it really makes sense for us to go to Port. It’s probably the best place on the Island to raise a child. Affordable, safe, good services and still only an hour from the big box stores in Nanaimo and the ferry/airport. Both Tree and I came to the realization that we will never be able to afford a real house in Victoria with land and stuff. And certainly not before Jade goes to school. When prices do finally come down to a reasonable level, then our townhouse will sink along with it… leaving us in the same position.

I really like Victoria… but there are so many practical reasons to move to Port Alberni that they really have to outweigh my personal reluctance to move back to a small town, I still have that big city glow in my eyes. I think I travelled too much! But if I live in Victoria, I probably won’t be able to take Jade travelling like you did with me! Oh the conundrum!

Hard choices to make! Didn’t get much sleep last night…. maybe i’ll go buy a lotto ticket and wish these decisions away! 🙂

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