Fiat for Sale

I’ve put my 1975/76 (never been quite sure) Fiat Spider Convertible up for sale.

She’s been in our family for a long time, but it’s time to let her go. She’s still in great shape for her age. Engine is running well. She has a new radiator last year (2004) and the engine is a 1980 that was rebuilt in 1991.

Unfortunately, the original clutch is almost history and we just can’t swing it with a new family and stuff. It’s time for this car to move on to another loving family or enthusiast!

This is truly one of the most reliable cars I have ever driven. She starts up first time, every time and runs great. She’s at her best on a warm sunny day, with the top down, music blaring hugging the corners on a twisty highway.

I just wish I could take her for a spin one last time!

$3000, OBO.

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