Mr. Dithers grows a Backbone

And if Paul Martin isn’t careful he might just come across as being a leader.

I gotta say I was flabergasted when I read, again on ADBOI, (yes, I know, I’m addicted) this:

While “diplomacy and dialogue” remain a top priority, the Prime Minister said the world community “must be prepared to stand behind our words with stronger measures, if necessary.”

Excuse Me? Surely that didn’t come out of a Canadian Prime Ministers mouth.

Apparently Mr. Martin is not so keen on the Mr. Dithers moniker after all.

He’s walking a very very fine line here though. He of all people knows just how averse Canadians are to unilateral action outside the auspices of the UN… I don’t think even action by NATO would be widely supported in Canada. He *must* make it very clear that his alluding to military action would only come to fruition via UNSC resolution. He must make this part of his push for Reform at the UN and his championing of the Responsibility to Protect. Though, I fail to see how dealing with Nuclear Proliferation falls under that heading.

If he does not do this, he risks a fate worse than Tony Blair. Canadians will not tolerate a Prime Minister seen as following blindly behind American unilateral actions no matter what sort of false “coalition” they build. Especially when that Prime Minister is leading a Minority Government.

I’m happy for Mr. Martin. He appears to have found his spine again, he had just be careful he doesn’t get it broken by a very wary Canadian public.

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