Blogosphere Unite for Iran!

There is a ton of news coming out of Iran… not just the Earthquake.

ADBOI along with the BBC and other Persian news sources report multiple, large protests across Iran. Including at the University in Tehran and Kurdish towns in the West.

Besides the real protests on the ground, there is also a movement afoot to dedicate today, February 22, to protest against the detention of Iranian bloggers

Free Mojtaba and Arash!

These are two bloggers currently being held by Iranian authorities.


If you have a blog… dedicate today to demonstrating for these Iranians right to blog and express their views without fear.

Show solidarity with the people of Iran who are, right now, rising up against their oppressors!

May all Iranians hear this message and gain courage to demonstrate peacefully yet forcefully against their government!

UPDATE: ADBOI has images of the protests on Sunday.

2 replies on “Blogosphere Unite for Iran!”

  1. The students certainly deserve all the support they can get if their goal is human rights. To our lasting shame, America stood by while the Iraqi Shias we encouraged to rise up after the first Gulf War were slaughtered, and I worry that the same will happen now to any students we have encouraged to do the same in Iran. But 2005 is the 100th anniversary of Iran’s last constitutional revolution and maybe we will see that country return to its earlier roots.

  2. I don’t think only America should be held to blame for the abandoning of the Shias after the Gulf War.

    It is my understanding that there were elements of the Coalition and the US Administration that wanted to “finish the job”… but the UN and many allies including some of Iraqs neighbours were not too keen on the idea.

    Hopefully we don’t make the same mistake with Iran.

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