Top Women should play for Stanley Cup

Adrienne Clarkson, Canadas’ Governor General has declared that the Stanley Cup should not be forgotten simply because of NHL labour issues!

No, following the wishes of her predecessor, Lord Stanley, Governor General of Canada who, in 1893 purchased the Cup and left it in the care of two trustees so that it could be awarded to the best ice hockey team in Canada, Clarkson has suggested that a tournament be played against the American and Canadian National Womens Teams

“It’s not like we’re saying to some little minor league ‘why don’t you win the Stanley Cup.’ We’re talking about excellence in hockey. I think Canadians care about that.”

Now, even though I’m sure some of those “little minor league” players may take offense, I think the Governor General makes an excellent point. The NHL represents the very best male hockey players in North America, and possibly the world.

So, since they’re out of the running… why waste the Cup… why not reward those Women who represent the very best in the sport of Ice Hockey with a Cup that they have no doubt dreamt of winning and yet could never do simply because of their gender.

I can think of no better way to celebrate *real* hockey, and forget about the businessmen that have tried to steal away the Stanley Cup!


Apparently the Western Standard thinks this is a “dumb idea”. Why? Well number one because it came from the Governor General, god forbid.

At risk of sounding chauvanistic, I find women’s hockey to be incredibly slow-moving and dull, and had there not been a chance of seeing a woman rip off her jersey and skate around in a sports bra, I probably wouldn’ve have even watched the gold medal final from Salt Lake.

Funny he says “incredibly slow-moving and dull”. Sounds like any number of Trap teams in the NHL.

He does quote Cassie Campbell though who makes a good point:

“It’s not really about playing for the Stanley Cup. That already exists. It’s about creating one for women’s hockey.”

Fair enough.

I don’t like the idea of awarding the Stanley Cup to the winner of a tournament of juniors. Why? Because they are too young. They have many years in front of them. Most of them will need many years to mature in the NHL before they have a shot at a Cup. It wouldn’t be fair to the 100s of NHL players who have fought for the Cup for so long, only to see it go to their little brother/cousin in Junior. The Juniors do not represent the best in hockey in their sport.

I never said the womens game was The Best Hockey, though I think it’s a whole lot better than most NHL teams nowadays… but those women represent the best of their sport. And they should be properly rewarded.

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  1. Obvously, I wrote this with tongue fully in cheek, but I had two main points to offer.

    First, if you’re talking about “excellence in hockey”, there are many leagues in the game which are very excellent in skill, power, and overall performance. Equal rights or no, womens’ hockey would not be described using any of those terms. The skill level simply isn’t there.

    Secondly, and more importantly, is Canada’s proxy Head of State utilizing thinly-veiled misandry (from the words she used in her televised interview) to express her opinion that women’s sports are more enjoyable because women are more akin to “teamwork” and “fair play” than men. This wasn’t about excellence in hockey; it’s about Feminism trumping the game.

    I’m not talking being fair with this but rather what Lord Stanley’s original intent may have been. He donated the award towards the best amateur teams in the Dominion. In my mind, this could mean that the top teams from the top amateur leagues — junior hockey players included — have the opportunity to win the trophy. If the 100s of NHLers have a problem with this, they would settle their salary dispute and be playing right now.

  2. Thanks for the response Huck.

    Whether Clarksons motives are appropriate or not is hardly the point. If she wants to use the issue to promote minority and womens rights, than that’s her prerogative. It is after all, part of her job description as Governor General.

    I agree with you that Lord Stanleys wishes should be followed and the Cup be presented to a team representing the best in Amateur hockey.

    I stand by the notion that it should go to a Womens team… I think the effect it would have on womens hockey at the pro, amateur, and youth level could be tremendous. And it would be a darn good tournament of hockey.

    Let the boys continue on their road towards their destiny… I’d rather not give them a shortcut when so many others who are far better and more deserving never get the chance for Lord Stanleys’ Cup.

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