Correction and Reflection on Flag Day

I just wanted to post a correction to my earlier post on the 40th Flag Day yesterday.

#1 Turns out it wasn’t Lester Pearson who was so adamant about the flag being easy for children… it was the creator of the flag himself, one George Stanley. Stanley was a war veteran and Rhodes scholar. The CBC has a great webpage dedicated to him and the flag debate.

The Canadian Heritage Department also has a good page on the different flags that have flown over Canadian soil since the days of John Cabot and Jaques Cartier.

#2 I was talking to my Mom yesterday about the flag and she remembers being in school and how her class had to try to come up with drawings for the new flag. She said it was a very intense debate. She also said she liked the “3 leafs” design best back then (you can see the 3 leafs, i think, in the coat of arms in the Red Ensign which represented Canada between about around the 1890s and 1965)

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