Iran and Syria form common front

It’s been a rather discouraging week when it comes to Iran and Syria.

First there was the bombing in Lebanon. Many, including, apparently the US Administration, have blamed or at least implicated Syria for the murder of the former Lebanese PM.

I’ve since found a couple interesting Syrian/Lebanese/Arab blogs addressing the subject… and it seems that many are confused that the Syrians would be behind such a thing given their direction of late (which, contrary to what we hear, and I believed, in most Western (US) media is of a more optimistic and less aggressive Syria since Bashad took power and Iraq was invaded.)

The Arabist has one interesting essay on the subject.
Syrian Comment also has an interesting point of view.

You should also read “A Liberal in Damascus” which I found quite enlightening.

I’ve added both these blogs to my Blogroll.

Syria is a country that I certainly don’t know much about, aside from its’ Baathist ruling party. I have a feeling we will all be learning a lot more about Syria in the coming weeks, months and years… especially given todays announcement about Syria and Iran forming a “Common Front”.

Basically it sounds to me like Iran and Syria have formed a military alliance. Any attack against either country will provoke a response from its’ ally. Obviously Syria is the one with the most to gain in this… and Israel and the US have the most to lose.

No matter what any rightwing nutbar wants to say about Iran being weak in comparison to Americas big pe— err, I mean military might… Iran is a threat. They have a huge arsenal of very modern weaponry, ballistic missiles that can touch any of their immediate neighbours… and formidable defenses. They are no push over… so to think that an attack on Syria might provoke a response from Iran is no light thing to consider.

Getting back to Syria, I’m frankly surprised… and it seems by the few blogs that I’ve read that many Syrians and Lebanese are surprised and dismayed as well.

I can only hope this is mere posturing, and that this is not an escalation towards future conflict.

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