More on Iraqi Elections and Iran

Wanted to point out some more interesting and pertinent results now that the Results are in.

  1. As Kurdo points out at Kurdos’ World. It looks like Mosul and Kirkuk have been “taken back” by their ancestral/traditional Kurdish residency. This is especially important in Kirkuk which is a major oil producer and is seen as key in the viability of an independant Kurdish state/nation.
  2. The Washington Post and LA Times are, predictably pointing out the rather ironic result of these elections in terms of the reasons for Regime Change in Iraq. One can only assume that when the Bush Administration decided to oust Saddam, they did so with the intent to replace him with someone who might not only be friendly towards the US, but also a model for and foil against Iran. In the end, Iraq has elected a government with undeniably strong links to the Tehran both religiously and politically. Ouch. But hey, at least the Iraqis had the choice, now it’s just a matter of the US accepting that choice fully.
  3. ADBOI has a story about how Iran is a bastion for support of… wait for it… President Bush! It makes sense when you think about it. I can only hope that Bush sees this and realises that any threat of military action against Iran would likely destroy the support he has (as it has in Iraq).

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