Popular Mechanics debunks 9/11 Conspiracies

I used to love getting Popular Mechanics when I was a kid. There was always lots of wild and cool military, tech and other neat stuff. I have since graduated to Scientific American.

I’ve never thought of PM as a magazine that would ever touch a political issue. But, it appears they have.

In their latest issue they’ve published a point-by-point rebuttal to various common conspiracy theories about the attacks on 9.11

While I do believe that the links between the Bush Administration, and the US government in general, and Saudi Arabia are far more incriminating than they’d like us to believe… I’ve never subscribed to the wild theories on the 9.11 attacks themselves.

The evidence is just too great that these attacks were commited by determined groups of terrorists bent on destroying key symbols of American Power. It truly was the 2001 version of Pearl Harbour. I just wish the “enemy” was as well defined as it was 63 years ago.

Anyway, read the article if only to see what some people apparently “believe”… it’s pretty wild.

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