Dick Cheney: We don’t want War

I love Dick Cheney, I really do.

Why? Well, because he can sound so darn honest sometimes, kind of like Rumsfeld, except Cheney thinks more before he talks.

Hold on.. that’s really interesting too. Look at the Big Four in the White House.

Dick Cheney: Says what’s on his Mind, Thinks before Speaking

Don Rumsfeld: Says what’s on his Mind, Just Speaks

Condi Rice: Suppresses true thoughts, Thinks before Speaking

George Bush: Suppresses true thoughts, Just Speaks

I like that… it reminds me of three monkey picture… you know the ones covering eyes, ears, mouth? heheh.

But I Digress.

MSNBC Interviewed Dick Cheney yesterday

Here’s the brilliant quote of the day.

We don’t want a war in the Middle East, if we can avoid it. And certainly in the case of the Iranian situation, I think everybody would be best suited by or best treated and dealt with if we could deal with it diplomatically.

Umm.. sorry Dick, you already have war in the Middle East. And *you* started it. The question is not if another war will break out, but rather will the *current* war widen?

The BBC was reporting that Cheney also said he was surprised how long it has taken for Iraq to pick itself up after being “liberated”. You know, cuz it’s Saddams or the Iraqis fault they now live in a partially failed state. *rolleyes*

And on that cheery note, here’s some information from the latest issue of CDIs’ Report on Russian Affairs.

The Syrians have a clear interest in the Iskander, while the Russian traders and producers desperately hope to make a ballistic missile export breakthrough in a market that has been dominated by the North Koreans since 1991. Ivanov stated that there were no official negotiations to sell missiles to Syria, but there are several different semiofficial entities in Russia that can negotiate and deliver almost any modern weapon while the authorities turn a blind eye, provided the buyer has the cash.

…the newest Igla [anti-aircraft] missiles… cannot be deflected by decoys.

…The latest Russian-Israeli missile crisis has once again highlighted the issue of who (if anyone) really controls the export of sensitive technologies and weapons from Russia. It sometimes seems that exports are only controlled by the greed of arms traders and corrupt bureaucrats.

Syria would also like to get its’ hands on the Russian-made Iskander.

If the Syrians got the Iskander, they could hit sensitive Israeli targets like the Israeli Defense Forces headquarters in Tel Aviv with great precision.

//End Cheery News.

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