HOWTO: Enable Root User in MacOS X (10.3)

Many times when trying to install things in MacOS X using the Terminal you need to do run commands as “Super User”. This is done by running “sudo” before a regular command:

  • eg: sudo make install

Or, you have to actually switch to the “root” user using the “su root” (switch user to root) command.

In order for you to actually do this though, you must FIRST enable the root user on your MacOS X machine. By Default, Apple disables this user for security reasons.

These instructions will show how you can enable the root user on your machine so that you can be free to install as much UNIX and other advanced stuff as you want!

  1. Open the “NetInfo Manager” application in “Utilities”.
  2. From the “Security Menu” click on “Enable Root User” (You might have to click “Authenticate” first).
  3. It will then ask you for a password. Just put in the password that you use for your regular MacOS X account.

That’s it!

You’re now ready to go!