Ukrainians will vote again: Canada sends Army of observers

Good news from Ukraine last week. They will rerun the run-off (get that?) vote between the two candidates on Dec. 26. Canada is sending 500 observers to ensure a fair vote.

It’s been truly amazing watching the goings on in the Ukraine. I wonder if there has been, in the history of the world, a more orderly display of electoral and social “reform” through an election.

The proof of electoral fraud seems incontrovertable… and the Ukrainian judiciary has now acknowledged that and come to the only reasonable conclusion. That the vote must be recast.

The CBC reports that a deal on some reforms to the electoral system has already gone through today. Making way for the December 26th re-vote.

Canada will be sending 500 elections observers… 500! That’s more than many of our military operations. Apparently it’s the largest contingent from a single country. It’s a great thing though.. I wonder who goes… how they are picked, etc. What an honour it would be to take part in such a historic vote.

We’ll all be watching this over the next few weeks. I hope it turns out for the best… the best being a fair and accurate vote, no matter who wins.

After all, regardless of the winner, if this vote is successful and fair and the results are respected peacefully it will be marked in history as one of the most amazing instances of pure democracy ever seen.

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