My World for a Cardboard House

Ever play “house” with a refrigerator box when you were a kid? Well, now you really CAN live in one!

Some Australian researchers
have constructed a house almost completely out of cardboard… and 100% recycleable!

Granted, I don’t think you’d want to build one of these things in Canada… slightly too cold and wet… but really… these guys have created something that is really practical and could literally change the lives of millions.

Their design is “as easy to assemble as an IKEA product”, only takes 2 people with the proper scaffolding… and can be assembled in a day.

It has a plastic roof to keep the rain off… water tanks (fed by rain) underneath for “ballast” to keep it anchored to the ground… a composting toilet to feed your garden… and it all runs on a car battery for electricity.

Pretty amazing stuff. I don’t know what the fire hazard might be… that would concern me a little. But like they said… for a temporary structure.. how can you beat this? I’ll take that over a double wide trailer anyday! And it’s cheaper!

The things people come up with!