Ooh Sleeping One: 11lbs 10oz!

We got an official weight from the doctor yesterday!

11lbs 10oz! Not bad for being 5 months and 8 days old!

Jade is continuing, obviously, to grow and thrive. She is very active now, especially in the mornings. She has actually been sleeping for 6-7 hour stints at night now! This makes Mom very happy. Last night she slept from 8 til 11:30..then didn’t wake again until 5:30AM.

We’re getting ready to feed her her first Real food, I’ll have pictures when we do. We have a couple jars of sweet potatoe. I wonder if she’ll like them… apparently I wouldn’t eat the stuff when i was her age. My mom had to blender-ize the real stuff for me so that I’d eat it.

Anyway, I can’t write too long, so I’m off.

Talk to you again soon!


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