Patriot Act affects BC residents

Today, the Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia came out with a report on the BC Governments plan to allow American companies to handle BC citizens medical records. Normally this wouldn’t be seen as a problem, but with the frightening power of the Patriot Act, the private information of law abiding citizens in BC is open to viewing by US law enforcement agencies.

The CBC Reports

B.C Privacy Commissioner David Loukidelis says the U.S. Patriot Act violates provincial privacy laws – and he wants the province to temporarily ban the transfer of personal information to the US.

… Loukidelis says the ban is needed because British Columbians’ medical information could be disclosed to the U.S. government under the Patriot Act, without people here ever knowing it happened. He says this violates our own privacy laws

You can view or download the summary and full report here:
Final Report

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