Smilin’ Eyes! 11lbs

Hi Everyone.

Well, it’s October. Thanksgiving (in Canada) has come and gone and Jade is officially 5 months old! She grows every single day. I will have new pictures of her on the website today and later tonight. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend… Grandma and Grandpa Schubart came down for their anniversary… we had a delicious free range chicken (8lbs!) on Saturday night. Too bad Jade didn’t get to have any, but next year she will!

The Munchkin is doing very well. She starting to smile more and more now. Not quite in a “reactive” sense, just smilin’ at the world! It’s terribly cute. Unfortunately it’s not the easiest thing to predict… her smiling that is… so I haven’t got any pictures yet. But soon! Hmmm, actually, I take that back, she generally smiles right after she has a big pooo… funny how that is.

She’s up around 10.5 or 11lbs now! Practically a monster in comparison to 5 months ago. The doctor had her down as been very much average in her growth for her “corrected” age (measure from her August due date), so that’s great. I think in other areas she’s definitely working on her real 5 month age though. She’s teething… she’s eating rice and oatmeal cereal (2 tblsp morning and evening) and she’s gooing and gaahing at everything. I think she’s going to crawl in like 1 month. A scary thought!

The public health nurse came by a couple weeks ago and proclaimed that all was well. She seems to think we’ve been doing a great job. I kind think we’ve just been holding on for the ride… but I guess it’s just your perspective. 🙂

That said, I want to say that Theresa has been doing an incredible job. She’s truly tireless. Anyone out there who would suggest that a stay-at-home-mom isn’t busy would get a slap from me and probably a punch in the nose from Theresa. While I find it hard enough getting up at 5:30AM every morning to start the 1hr commute to work… Theresa has to get up every morning at 1 or 2AM to feed Jade, then again at 5 or 6. Apparently that’s actually pretty good compared to other babies… but it’s still darn hard, and I know Theresa would rather be sleeping then, and during the day when she’s busy cleaning the house or painting fishies on the bathroom wall.

I think Jade is in the best possible hands… she has the best mother in the world, and I have the best wife!

Stay tuned for pictures today… oh ya, and tonight I’ll put up pictures of Cousin Celeste from Montreal who came to see Jade just for the day! All these loving relatives!

See you soon.


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