Thumb Sucker: ??lbs

Hi everyone.

This past weekend went by much as others have gone by before it. First Friday night passed through… then Saturday was spent out and about… and Sunday we rested. All was well.

We took Jade to the gardens at UVic. She enjoyed the fresh fall air and the mottled light coming through the trees. They have some incredible rhododendruns (sp??) there. Huge beasts… same with their bamboo. It looked about 100 years old.

Jade is officially sucking her thumb now and there is nothing we can do about it. We were trying to discourage her from doing it, but we’ve since given up. She doesn’t even like her soother anymore (which we think is worse than her thumb anyway, so that’s good). So now we lie in bed listening to her smack away as she tries to maneuver her thumb into her mouth. She’s showing more emotion now.. she gets frustrated when she can’t find that darn thumb (But it’s so close!) and she gets REALLY annoyed now when she gets the hiccups.

She’s very talkative. When she’s awake, and not crying, everything is a gooble-gah-bah-babble… she yelps when she sees something REALLY cool. Actually, it’s more of an ear piercing scream.. but in a good way! She smiles and tries to giggle when you tickle her… and she smiles lots at Grandaddy Jensen cuz he always smiles really big at her!

I think Miss Jade has a doctors appointment this week… but I could be completely wrong. To be honest, I don’t remember anymore. But I think tonight we’re going to try another totallly unscientific weighing with me on the scale with jade. Then I’ll update her weight.

Talk to you soon


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