Our Little Porker! 8lbs 11oz

So. Miss Jade and Mom went to the doctor today for a little checkup.

Jade weighed in at a HEFTY 8lbs 11oz! That means she’s gained 1lb 5oz in just 16 days! The doctor wasn’t sure where she’s put it all. Her head has grown a little, but she hasn’t grown much in length so it looks like she’s put it all on around the hips! (and cheeks, and elbows, and knees and stuff).

What’s more, the doctor said to Theresa,

“So, has anyone talked to you about when to start Jade on solid food?”
“Well, we should probably look at starting her around 6 months age.”
6 months? Is that like… 6 months for real… or 6 months “corrected”.
“For real. Like November”

Duh… whoa.

So there ya go! Jades’ might just have a pureed Christmas dinner!
Apparently this revelation is due to the fact that Jade is eating so much. She eats about 120-150ml. Which is about 4-5oz. All the books say when you start feeding to give them a few tablespoons of solid food with 4-6oz of formula/BM. So.. we’re almost there!

I can’t imagine that she’ll actually be able to eat semi-normal food soon!

Anyway, that’s the news. Jade is sitting here in her little swing (which she loves). Sleeping mostly. Fussing a little. Nothing major, just a little.

Talk again soon!


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