4 Months old!

So, it’s September 10 already!

Jade was born 4 months ago today. It’s amazing really to think how far she has come. From a little peanut that could fit in my hand… to a wiggling baby who’s almost starting to get heavy.

She hasn’t been weighed in a couple weeks… that’s not going to happen again until this Monday. But we think she’s up around 8lbs.

That’s almost 2lbs per month!

She really is a jewel. She may keep us up a night and make us worry or fret… but she’s just so adorable it’s all easy. She has these big green eyes that just stare up as if to say hello. She gurgles and coos and we think she even giggled a couple days ago.

She turned over on her tummy all by herself about a week ago. That was a big surprise. We see so many other babies, they all seem huge. Overgrown even. Being the proud parents we are we think Jade is so far ahead of some bigger babies. She’s turning over and moving her head around and looking up at us. And she’s just 8lbs!

Anyway, I’m off to bed. It’s been a crazy tiring first week at work and I have nightshift tonight. Hopefully I can sleep in tomorrow. It’s raining outside. I like the rain… I find it relaxing.

See you all again soon.


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