4lbs 12oz!!

On Thursday I went to see Jade… Theresa was already there. I walked up to her basket and said hi to Jade and Theresa said. “Notice anything?” I looked around, looked at Jade. Couldn’t see anything at all different.

Then Theresa whispered, “Look, she has no oxygen”

Sure enough, her prongs were gone out of her nose! Now that I saw it, she looked like a completely different baby! She looks so wonderful without it.

Theresa whispered because she didn’t want Jade to hear… if she had she likely would have de-satted (oxygen level would have gone down). It’s weird, but premies do that.

Anyway, she’s now been almost completely off of oxygen for the past 3 days. They put her back on a couple times while she was digesting after a big feed… but 95% of the time she’s been off.

What does that mean? Well, it means she’ll be coming HOME next week probably! Just in time for my holidays!

We’re bringing in her carseat tomorrow so that we can make sure she fits and hthe nurses will show us how to strap her in. We’re getting bottles so that the hospital can sterilize them and we can take them home.

So this time next week I’ll probably sitting on the couch updating this blog with Jade beside me! How cool is that!!

I have to run. But have a great weekend!


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