Homecoming and Newlyweds! 2290g

Hi everyone.

Well, it’s been another busy weekend and start to the week.

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that Theresa and I are now married!
Newly Weds

We were married at Amphitrite point near Ucluelet and Long Beach, BC. The weather cleared just as we were starting the ceremony. Made for some wonderful pictures. I’ll be posting more as the I get them back from the many photographers. It was a very small simple ceremony and turned out incredibly well.

I personally think the Bride was stunning. We had a wonderful dinner afterwards with the family and stayed the night (and the night before) at the Tauca Lea Resort.

It was a perfect day.

The day before we managed to make it to Long Beach and do some body surfing. Theresa had never swam on the West Coast before and was pretty impressed by the current that tried to sweep us away. She didn’t want to go in at first, but after her legs went numb, she suddenly understood that the water isn’t so bad after all!

That was Tuesday…

The next day, we rushed home to pick up our Baby! The nurses/doctors wanted to send her home on Tuesday, but we explained the circumstances and they understood.

So, there we were, in the Special Care Nursery for the last time. Her last weight was 2290g or just under 5lbs and 1oz!

The nurses let us take home almost everything from her little cupboard. Bottles, blankets, soothers, everything. They have to throw it away anyway, so they made sure we took everything.

We said goodbye to all the nurses. They were all so good to us and especially to Jade. They were sad to see her go and in a way we were sad to have to take her away.

Walking out that door for the last time was truly liberating. It was like we were freeing Jade from jail. When we walked out the door, the sun hit poor Jade in the face and she squinted like she had never squinted before! Whats THAT!

That’ll be a question she’ll be asking a lot from now on.

Yesterday was the end of one part of her life, and indeed, the end of a part of ours.

Today is like a new beginning. So many things await us. We are prepared, or at least we think so, and we’re excited. We’re so happy to have her home. Our lives will never be the same… this will only get better and better.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep updating the site.

You might notice that there are less pictures in the Jade Pictures link. I’m going to split them up by month. So when you click on that link you’ll only be getting the pictures from the past month.

I will add links to the previous months pictures so that you can still see those.

This way I don’t need to transfer nearly as many files onto the website. It’ll be much more efficient and should make updating the site a lot more reliable.

Talk to you all again soon!


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