Thinking Outside the Box:1622g

Alright, sorry I haven’t been able to update the webpage lately. This week seems to have been busier than most. And plus I didn’t have a camera with which to take pictures…

But that all changed last night!
You can go see the new pictures right now!

I also shot a little video, so look for that in the drop down menu on the side as well!

Jade is now 3lbs 9.5oz!

In all it’s been a pretty exciting week. They took her off the forced air/humidifier on Wednesday. That means she’s not getting a big wind pushed down her lungs. She’s still on oxygen, but it’s only being fed in a trickle… she has to suck it all in herself. And she’s doing very well at that I might add!!

The other big change this week is she’s left her little glass palace for the open beauty of a plastic basonet! She’s keeping herself warm enough (with little sleepers of course) that they could take the isolette away and just bundle her up. It makes visiting SO MUCH NICER because we are much more free to pick her up and cuddle her and put her back. It doesn’t feel like such a “seperation”.

She’s now eating 26ml every meal… they tried the bottle a few times, but there seems to be a little miscommunication between the nurses and they haven’t been feeding her once a day with bottle like they said they would. Theresa’s going to go in today before her 2PM feeding and convince them to let her bottle feed Jade. She’s quite happy sucking it all down all by herself. So we’re really anxious to give that a shot.

Jade has also been “making all the right moves” when it comes to breastfeeding. She hasn’t quite latched on yet… but she definitely wants to… so we’re just giving it a few more days/weeks and hopefully she’ll just “know” soon enough.

Jades’ bedroom is looking GREAT. The new movie has a bit of that in it as well. Jade is going to love it. And she’s REALLY going to love Grandpa Jensens’ crib. By all accounts it looks like it’s going to be spectacular! Fit for a Princess!

That’s it for now I guess. I’ll be taking more photos tonight, so don’t get discouraged!

Talk to you soon!

Chris and Theresa.