Big Sleeper:1702g

3 pounds 12oz!

Just a quick one… went to see Jade last night. She’s doing VERY well. She hasn’t had an Apnea or Brady for several days. My friend Erin came along and she had her new digital camera so she took a whole bunch of pictures!

Miss Jade peed all over my hand as I was lifting her from bed to weigh scale. Silly girl! She grew another 20g so that’s great. Theresa fed her by bottle and she gobbled it all down. She sometimes doesn’t really remember to breath while she’s drinking though, so we have to stop every once in a while so she can take a few breaths.. then she’s right back into it. Gobble Gobble!

She take about 31ml of milk every meal. It has some powdered fortifier in it to give some extra vitamins and things as well.

All in all things are looking very good!

All I have left to say is…
no matter who you prefer…


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